You wanted epic. Epic is back.

The NXTLVL Collection is working REALLY well, so, we’ve just requested for more units. And… We’re listening to you. Lot of you want the Epic Collection to get back, so… Here you’ve got it back. Yap, we make more units. There are not exactly the same models since we’ve changed the old stylish trophy for the brand new one. The same two epic colors. The same sizes. Much more coolness. Much more units.

You’ve got it back in the same shop category, so run for it.

If you’ve already bought one, you shall have a special discount code for these new models in your email. If you don’t, here is one: EPICISBACK


Next Level is here.

Suuuup!!! Got great news!! We’ve got a new collection!! Epic collection was great, and we’ve learn so much things. So, we’ve upgraded our epicness and rethought the trophy. And, with this new trophy, we want to bring you a brand new collection. We’ve got the next level in design, so we’ve created The NXTLVL Collection.

This collection is our new bet for epic people. For warriors. For fighters. We’ve done a lot of shirt models, including special Women’s styled shirts (as you’ve asked us this months). We have had winter in mind, so there is also Hoodies.

What are you waiting for? Check it out in the shop!

If you was waiting for a discount code, well, here you got it: GOTNXTLVL

Epic Collection sold out!!

Right now, we’ve just sold the last Epic T-Shirt!! What happens now? Well, There are no Shirts to buy, but don’t worry, we’re currently working in a brand new collection, with much more models, colors, and a lot of surprises!

This has been an incredible travel with you all, so thank you very much for your support, and all the feedback you’ve sent us. We’re loving it! Really great to see there are so much epic people arround the world! We’ll love to see your pics with the shirts, as this guys in Berlin:


We’ll be back soon, so… Stay tuned to get news!

Epic as a Lifestyle

This is not yet another quote without meaning anymore. Now, this is real.

We’ve just released a brand new collection. You can check it out in the store. Don’t miss the chance of getting one of this limited t-shirt edition!! Just one model in two colors: Black as Hell, and Orange as Gold.


Go fast, there are limited unities for both two colors!

And, well, you can get a special discount just for reading this! Use the code IAMEPIC